Outreachy: the final week

My main task this week was to populate the Teacher Resources page which provides the instructors with the information on how to prepare to teach a lesson on WordPress using materials created by WordPress training team.

And this is how my internship comes to an end! It’s been amazing three months that offered me plenty a new knowledge about:

  • the amazing world of WordPress
  • what it’s like to contribute to an open-course project
  • training and community teams daily activities

Huge thanks to everyone I met on this journey especially my kind and supportive mentor 🙂 I hope that while it’s my last Outreachy-related weekly status post here, it’s not my last post ever and I will continue contributing to WordPress community/training initiatives.

Outreachy week 12: Going live on handbook quizzes

Last week we have finally added the quizzes to the handbook pages which was agreed on earlier. So feel free to check it out! This is how it works:

  • We have the rules explained on Quizzes page for WordCamp organizer handbook and Quizzes section of the welcome page for WordPress meetup organizer handbook.
  • Links to quizzes were added to the end of the pages which we have quizzes on, 34 quizzes for WordCamp organizer handbook and 5 for meetups.
  • Note that the visual design of the way incorrect answers are being treated by the system is yet to change. We plan on just highlighting the incorrect answer with red so that the learner will have a chance to choose an answer again.

I really encourage everyone who has a bit of spare time this week to try to register, click a little bit around the quizzes and see what you like about it and what should be improved. Really, any kind of feedback would be helpful.

Additionally, I’ve written a couple of lesson plans last week (Building a Sitemap and Customizer: Taglines) and an instruction of how to write a lesson plan which summarizes the principles and ideas I follow myself when doing it. It can be also used for any kind of tutorial or even an e-learning course.

This week is going to be my last Outreachy week! It’s hard to believe how fast time goes by. And I plan to wrap up working on the Teacher Resources page I mentioned in my last post, finalize everything else and write some final thoughts on this experience.

Outreachy week 11: Teacher resources page and adding quizzes to community handbooks

Last week I completed Widget AreasWhat is contact form 7, What is Google XML Sitemap, and Improving Site performance lesson plans. Additionally, I’ve been working on the outline for the Teacher Resources page. The idea of this page is to provide trainers with the information that will enable them to work with lesson plans in a more efficient way, i.e:

  • how to use the lessons and what to do to prepare for your in-person sessions
  • how to provide feedback, how to ask questions of the training team and how to participate in lesson plans creation
  • a lessons order/methodology one could use to build a learning path for the students

Besides, after a short hiatus we’re continue working or the WordCamp organizer/WordPress meetup organizer trainings. As we have discussed earlier, because of the sync problem between the handbooks and the training pages we have to add the quizzes created for the trainings to the end of a related handbook page (and also create a page describing why we added quizzes and instructions on how to register at the website hosting quizzes). ‎

The screenshot below shows how a link to a quiz might look like and I’ve also composed a draft of the Quizzes page.


Please add your reactions to any of these ideas, suggestions or changes, and any other thoughts about the lesson plans/community trainings in the comments or google documents!



Outreachy week 10: More Lesson Plans

It’s time for my new weekly post and a new list of lesson plans I’ve put together last week:

(they are yet to pass copyediting)

The whole process is really fun as I learn a lot myself about the way one can use WordPress (which unfortunately slows me down with lesson plans as I have to understand all of the concepts and try things myself first before describing it, but also probably helps me explaining the perspective in a way which is digestible for a novice).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask them in the comments 🙂

Outreachy week 9: My first lesson plans

I mentioned last week I will be starting with writing lesson plans, so here are my first ones:

And here are some of the ideas I was keeping in mind when writing them:

  • If some hands-on actions are going to be performed, it’s might be helpful to frame them as a scenario/use case. That makes it easier for a reader and also helps the reader to figure out how the lesson is relatable to their own projects.
  • First compose the outline: break the materials into logical steps and use it as headers later on. That makes the resulting lesson more visually appealing and increases its readability.
  • It’s important to keep yourself from the situations when there’s plenty of details on how to do something and no or little explanation why do we do it. After the learner is done with the tutorial it’s important for them to apply the knowledge they gained to the projects they will be working on, so explanations are crucial.

Outreachy week 8: Short recap on the training-related activities

Last week I was continuing on working on the training team projects. Some the improvements I mentioned in my previous post were implemented and I also went through the feedback from the trainers who were testing the existing lesson plans, analyzed it (overall the feedback is really good) and wrote a post about it in the Making WordPress training team’s blog.
This week I’m going to try to compose some lessons plans myself, starting with a WooCommerce lesson in the “Setting up Ecommerce” unit – really looking forward to trying it!

Outreachy week 7: Reviewing the Lessons Plans

The last week was a break from WordCamp/WordPress meetup organizer training as some of the decisions regarding their organization are on hold. So I was doing some work regarding enhancing the Make WordPress Training Lessons. The idea was to make the materials more accessible and didactically digestible for the teachers who are preparing to present them in the classroom. Generally, I think the existing lessons are really good, it’s great that all of them follow a certain structure which contains learning objective, prerequisites, screening questions, etc – it definitely makes trainer’s work easier. If you haven’t seen the lesson plans yet, here is a sample of what they look like: Managing Comments lesson. So to begin with the enhancement the three things we decided should be added are:

  1. Links to lessons which are prerequisites: that can be used to help the trainer build the learning flow (which lesson should be taught after which), revise the concepts required to move on themselves and let the students know what should be revised.
  2. Links to some additional resources: 1-3 resources on the topic of the lesson which would slightly extend the lesson or sometimes repeat the lesson content in a different way. The idea here is that these links will help both trainers and students to better digest the content of the lesson through some amount of repetition, but also give the some resources to learn more on the topic.
  3. Timing estimates: as the trainers are preparing for a lesson it’s important for them to know how much time do they need to allot. Unfortunately this is something which can be best estimated only them actually conducting a lesson, but we can definitely add this recommendation to the Lesson Plan Testing Guide.

Here are the resulting documents:

And just in case – please, feel free to let me know if you have some other ideas on what that should be done to make the materials better!